Hello everyone!

My name is Kate and I am certifying to be a doula. This blog is linked to my practice, Little Lights Doula Services. Though I am not yet certified, I can still practice as a doula, and I want to take all of you on my certification journey with me.

One of the things I need to do for certification is make a list of resources in the community. My goal is to not only list these here, but talk about my interactions with them, the services offered, and how that fits in with your family needs (none of these posts will be sponsored, nor will I suggest a resource whose services I feel are sub-par or detrimental to their clients). I’ll try to have their categories show up in the category cloud on my sidebar. In addition, I’ll make a “Resources” post and update it with links to each resource blog post I list.

Another part of my certification process is reading several books from a variety of categories. I’ll post significant passages and my thoughts here, as well as suggestions for other doulas in training. (Hint: check the publishing date. It’s important the research data we read about is up-to-date, published preferably within the last five to ten years.)

In addition, I hope to post helpful information about community events and opportunities, organizations, classes, and tips for helping yourself during pregnancy and labor.

As always, if you are looking for a doula, please contact me! My website is www.littelightsdoula.com


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